What To Expect at a Rotary Sunrise Meeting
Our meetings are every Tuesday morning, gathering at 7:15 am and begin promptly at 7:30 am and finishing at 8:30 am. Many members feel energized after attending our meetings because they enjoy the fellowship, a good breakfast and interesting programs. Our programs help to keep members in touch with what is going on in our community. Many of our projects are of a “hands on” nature so members get the opportunity to get involved.
While attendance at meetings is important, it is recognized that members may have to be away for certain reasons. The best part of a Rotarian’s membership is the advantages of its networks. If you are out of town, you will always be welcomed at another club. The greatest benefit of membership is the knowledge that by serving together we are building a better world for our children and grandchildren.

What is my Personal Commitment?
While attendance is still a requirement, credit is given for a greater range of activities so it is not a matter of great concern. Visiting other clubs is still strongly encouraged. Attendance credit for that meeting is given by your home club. The attendance requirement is mostly evidence that you are a committed part of the Rotary club and that you fully intend to do your part to support the work of the club.
Rotary membership fees and other costs are kept as low as possible. Fees cover the dues of running the club (we have a contracted bookkeeper) and your meals, at payable per quarter. All requests for money for special purposes are on a voluntary basis.