Who we help locally
We are committed to service projects right here in Chatham-Kent. Our current projects include:
  1. Sunrise Rotarians donated $40,000 towards the creation of a Rotary Court Yard in the new Chatham Kent Hospice.
  2. Donated $50,000 for building of the current YMCA building.
  3. Sunrise Rotarians created the Rotary trail along the Thames River. This trail gives great pleasure to walkers, joggers and drivers who enjoy the beauty of the flowering chanticleer Pear trees and the daffodils.
  4.   Sunrise Rotarians have planted 30,000 daffodil bulbs around Chatham to brighten the spring for Chatham residents. We have also planted pear trees & daffodils along the south side of Grand Avenue West and a mini-Carolinian garden on the Thames Campus of St. Clair College (Howell Park) also along Grand Avenue West.
  5. Trash pick up and clean up at the interchange of 401 and Bloomfield Road
  6. Purchased & installed bike racks at non-profit operations in Chatham-Kent
  7. Purchased books for the Chatham-Kent Literary Angels program
  8. Participated in the construction of the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance’s new hospital and contributed $20,000 to furnish the children’s paediatrics ward. Sunrise Rotary supported the hospital and the doctor recruitment program helping change lives in the short and long term.
How Can I Help?
The best way to help is by joining sunrise rotary!
If that's not possible right now, there are a lot of ways to help us help Chatham-Kent:
Buy Roses in April during our Roses for Rotary Fundraiser
Attend one of our 50/50 ticket draws at South Buxton Raceway
or contact us by emailing info@rotarysunrise.com to find out the latest fundraising initiatives.