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Minutes of the Rotary Sunrise meeting - December 22, 2003

Meeting was brought to order with members of both the Sunrise and Downtown Club, spouses and significant others in attendance. Max welcomed everyone on behalf of the Sunrise Rotary. He was ecstatic about the numbers in attendance which might be near 90.



Ivan introduced the many guest including spouse of Sunrisers:-

Bonnie Pigeon ~ Gerard Pigeon, Jackie Bray - Dennis Bray, Audrey Chevalier - John Chevalier, John Burgess - Marjorie Burgess, Roger McCrae - Gloria McCrae, Max Howell - Ruth Howell, Joe Mares - Gayle Mares, Greg Davenport - Rick Nicholls,

Downtown Club:- Karen Kirkwood Whyte, Lenore Fletcher (Pianist for Downtown) (Guest of R. Brisco), Rick Brisco, Charles Seaman, Johanna Haan, Wayne Schnabel, Herb Todgham, August Sunnen and Sean Dillon (Guest of A. Sunnen), John Cheek, Bill Grin, Colin McGregor, Bob Rankin, Barry Fraser, Barb Chapple, Graham Kemble, Russell Gorham, Ed Robbins, Diane McGuigan, Peter Cook, Peter Epp, Andy Watson,  Ed Mariconda and Michael Matteis (Guest of Mariconda), Bill Welch, Paul McDonell, Tom McCarthy, Brian Reid, Mike Davidson, Ken Koke.

 (right), pianist Lenore Fletcher with Sunrise's First Lady Ruth Howell.






With $86.50 in
Bonny Pigeon arranged the 50/50 Draw, (48) won by Ken Koke.



Frank Saraka was happy because his wife had a surprise birthday party for him. He usually misses out as his birthday is Christmas day.

 Max reported birthdays for Frank, Joe Mares, Bill Wickham, Brad Miller and Bob Vellinga.

 Ivan Katzmanís happy buck was that the major reading of Dickenís work at the Kwianis Theater last night was a great success. The actor who did the reading was fabulous and he crowd appreciated his talent.

 Keith Hindmarsh was also happy with the Dickenís night which likely will be repeated next year. 

Michael Hunter presented a cheque for $40.00 which is from the sale of the wine with the special labeling for the Annual Banquet that wasnít sold until later.


Sheila Batemen would like to once again advise the group ďRoses for RotaryĒ will be Wednesday, March 24, 2004"  at the WISH Centre.  A bus tour to the Leamington rose provider is being organized for February, 2004.

Roger reported that the Directorís elected for next year are; Walter Ploegman, Greg Davenport, Sheila Bateman, Michele Grzebien. The club Sect and Treasurer are appointed positions.

 Max note that Lauren, our exchange student from 3 years ago from Australia, has graduated from university and now has a job in Canaberra . She wishes all the best of the Season.


GREETINGS FROM PRESIDENT DIANE. - President Diane thought that since this event is so well attended, we should consider making it an annual event. We donít have enough events shared by our 2 clubs and their spouses. She wished everyone a Merry Christmas and the best for the New Year.



Max introduced Rick Brisco and keyboard accompanist Lenore Fletcher who conducted a sing song of Christmas Carols. As usual, they make the program something special.



Santa Claus: (Michelle) we had our own and she was at her best. A sheet with 14 Christmas Carol titles depicted by cartoons was on each table. The contest was to be the first table to figure out the names of the carols from the various drawings. The 3 winning tables received a bottle of wine for their efforts. The number one table had both our music director and pianist contributing their input. 


Several members of both clubs told short jokes.  

Max closed with a poem entitled a Christmas Poem and the singing of our National Anthem.



January   20    Tuesday            7PM

               27    Tuesday            7PM         10PM

February 14    Saturday            7PM         10PM

                25   Wednesday      10PM

March      13   Saturday           10:30AM     1PM

                24    Wednesday     7PM




Have a good week!


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